Website Tracking

Google Analytics or GA, is is probably the most popular website tracking system but there are hundreds of alternatives. GA is pretty sophisticated but with sophistication comes complexity and driving your Google Analytics account is far from straightforward. However if you want top grade statistics that you can use to optimise your website’s performance it’s a good solution. Effort and time put in to learning about GA is usually well-rewarded.

There are also many simpler tools available. For example, I use StatCounter quite a bit and there’s a good free version. A Google search for “website trackers” will also product lots of alternatives. Here is a list of some of the ones that are currently popular.

Of course tracking is one thing, Optimising is another. The path from one to the other is via AB split testing but you can’t optimise without first acquiring data. So the first thing you need to sort out is data collection by installing your chosen web tracking tool. That will begin to store data for you immediately and you can then move on to split testing and optimisation.