QR Code Tactics For Marketers

This is the supporting website for The Definitive Guide to QR Code Marketing, a comprehensive guide to QR Code Marketing. Most of the content of the site relates to material found in the book which includes many working examples and idea-generating Case Studies.

The process of scanning a physical QR Code and being taken to a web page, which goes by the technical name of Object Hyperlinking, is a profound step. One easy way to start to appreciate this is to consider the following:

An ad can’t take an order.
A website can.

Getting your customers online is key: it’s where your customers expect to interact with you.

The power of QR Codes is not widely understood by most marketing professionals but their ability to take customers from an offline relationship with a business to an online in a matter of seconds is immense.

Once you have a customer in an online relationship you can exploit the power of the internet to deliver optimised sales messages, top quality automated support and generate additional sales on autopilot using marketing tools such as autoresponders, chat bots or just simple downloads.

In fact there are 10 compelling reasons why you should aim to interact with your customers online and they are covered in detail in the book. Apart from anything else, it’s where your customers have moved to. If you are not there and your competitors are, you are in trouble.

You can exploit some nifty viral QR Code marketing techniques too which I demonstrate in my free training course below.

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