QR Codes on Web Pages – Going Viral

Suppose you are viewing this website on your mobile and want to share it quickly with someone nearby. By putting a QR Code on the page like I’ve done below, all you need to do is show the page to them so they can scan the code and download the page themselves.

So how might this be useful?

This method of sharing a web page via a QR Code is extremely fast and easy: it only requires you to show your mobile screen to someone else and let them scan it for themselves. There is no need to message or email the link or anything like that. It’s just show and scan. This means that the sharer has to do very little to help propagate your page.

They don’t need to type anything. They don’t need to hit send. They just show their screen to a friend.

From a marketing point of view this process can be quickly viral because people who scan the QR Code may go on to show your web page to other people who also scan the code.


Imagine that your web page captured the interest of someone in a group of like-minded people, perhaps a group of friends out for a meal together. The first person could show the QR Code on your page to a couple of other people who then shared it with others etc. and in no time you could attract many new visitors to your website.

From a marketing perspective, one key benefit of this process is that generally your QR Code and web page are likely to be shared by people with similar interests. Taking the group mentioned above, they will all be eating in the same place and probably living in the same area. So if the first person was in your target market there is a very strong likelihood that the others will be too.

To help things along your QR Code should be quite large so that it takes up a large amount on space on the mobile device it is being displayed on and thus is easy for others to scan.

Scan to download this page

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