URL Builder

Click here to access the Google GA link builder.

You can use this link building tool to analyse the sources of your web traffic down to a very granular level if you want to but do be aware that by segmenting things too much you will end up with little statistically useful data.

It is very easy to fall in to the trap of reading too much into too little data. If you do this, you then risk making optimisation decisions that have little or no statistical validity and doing that can be an expensive exercise.

The second risk of over granularising your data is that you end up waiting too long to get an answer to your optimisation questions. This is easily illustrated as follows:

Suppose you get 5,000 visitors and split them evenly between two different landing pages, A and B. Each one will get 2,500 visits and depending on your conversion rates, that may be sufficient to tell you which page converts best.

If instead you choose to send your 5,000 to 50 different pages, each page will get just 100 visits instead and unless there is an incredibly marked difference in how all these pages perform in terms of conversion rates, you are very unlikely to know at the end of the exercise which page is the best performer simply because you won’t have enough data.