QR Code Retail Store

Tesco South Korea Case Study

Tesco, a large UK headquartered food retailer, placed life-sized photos of its products along the wall of a subway in South Korea with QR Codes by each product. As commuters returned home they could scan the items they wanted and each one would then be added to a virtual shopping cart. Once the order and payment details were confirmed, the items were then despatched for home delivery soon after. This technique in effect gave Tesco a storefront in a prime location where it had a captive audience.

The adverts were branded to look like a standard South Korean Tesco store with products showing on photographs of shelves and they apparently generated $28,000 of revenue per week after they had been in place for 4 months.

Peapod tested a similar approach in Philadelphia and a similar approach was tested in Sweden

For more information see these YouTube videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3B1F-_QzUPA