Third party reviews

A range of businesses provide third-party review ratings for websites. They provide a valuable service to consumers and to businesses alike because they encourage good quality interactions. They output of these rating services usually provide a simple measure of the trustworthiness of the business in terms of a number of stars. You will see these star ratings quite often in Google search results.

The list below shows some of the main service providers that you can approach. Note that many of these services charge fees and whether they are worth paying for will depend on how important customer reviews are in your own business. Generally if you are selling to consumers in any volume, third party review can help boost your sales.

Customer review sites often use simple images to sum up the review status of sites and some examples are shown below.

Marketers get value from third-party review sites because they can help lower the apparent risk of doing business with them online. Customers who have never heard of their business see not only that others have done business with them in the past and provided favourable reviews but that those reviews were validated by a third party.

Of course this only works if your business gets good reviews so there’s an additional factor at play: as a business you are not going to want to use third-party review services if your customers are generally dissatisfied with how you operate. Consequently, businesses that do use third-party review ratings are likely to be those that do a good job in the first place.