How To Get Paid With QR Codes

Do you want to be able to take payments on your website? There are many reasons why you should, not least that web-based payments tend to land in your bank account quickly which is good for cashflow.

One of the easiest ways to take payment is to use PayPal and I showed you an example in my book of a QR Code that links directly to a PayPal payment page. The page it links to is this one

PayPal is by no means the only game in town and other major players such as Amazon with its Amazon Pay system are helping to make the process of taking online payments as frictionless as possible for businesses large and small.

There are some significant advantages of using systems like PayPal, not least being that your customer doesn’t have to enter all their credit or debit card details into your site whenever they are buying something from you. If you use a system that requires customers to do this you risk losing them at the critical moment when they have decided to buy from you for two reasons:

  • Entering credit/debit card details takes time and is fiddly
  • Consumers are getting more and more reluctant to send their card details to websites that they are unfamiliar with because they are concerned with the security aspects.

This last point is very significant. Indeed Amazon states that 19% of the times a shopping card is abandoned is due to a lack of trust with credit card information. When you offer customers the ability to pay via systems like PayPal and Amazon Pay they know that the payment will be processed by a business they already know and trust and one that already has their card details.