QR Codes and market research

Retail Store 

In a clothes store in Newcastle, UK, there were some changing rooms where customers could try items on before buying. In each of the rooms there was a small poster on the wall offering a prize of £250 if you won a competition. To enter the competition you just had to scan a QR Code that took you to an online questionnaire that was designed to get some information about the consumer’s experience of the store and its products.

It was easy for the consumer to take part and incentivised.  If we look at it in terms of the AIDA acronym, the location of the poster got the attention of the consumer. The prize on offer generated interest. Consumers decided to scan and then did so. In this case, they also had to provide their email address if they wanted to be notified if they won the prize.

So the store gained contact details of known customers, obtained good quality market research data and the whole process cost virtually nothing.

Airport Cleanliness

Another good example comes from Opinator. Amongst other services, Opinator provides powerful market research tools for businesses that are linked to QR Codes. For example, they survey people leaving toilets in Seville airport using the colored form below which is accessed via a QR Code. In this particular setting it makes it easy for people provide feedback via their own mobile device rather than via a physical surface that many other people may have touched.