Curiosity and copywriting

That worked didn’t it. You just had to scan to see what the surprisingly effective example was.

So why did it work? I think the word “surprisingly” helped. Here’s the message in the book

“To see a simple but surprisingly effective example scan this”

Many businesses use curiosity as a copywriting tool and you’ve doubtless come across lots of links to web pages using teasing phrase like

“Are you making these mistakes with your mobile website?”

“We asked 10 experts how they would start a new business tomorrow. This is what they said.”

“30 things you’ve being doing wrong all your life”

Headlines such as these are called clickbait – they act as bait to lure you in to clicking and visiting the site. A well-crafted clickbait link can drive up web traffic substantially and they are important for businesses such as online newspapers that rely on high visitor volumes.