Copywriting Resources

Copywriting is a key internet marketing skill and is often a major factor in determining whether a web-based business thrives or struggles. Described as salesmanship in print, a carefully crafted web page designed to get your most wanted action that uses the best copywriting skills is likely to bring you in sales leads or orders providing your products or services are good valuable and high quality. A poorly written page is not.

There are many copywriting services and courses online and it can be a minefield trying to work out where to go first or who to use. But consider this: when searching for a copywriter, see who has the most compelling sales copy! A copywriter who can’t sell his or her services is probably not going to be particularly good at selling yours.

Below I’ve set out some copywriting resources. The list is not comprehensive nor do we endorse any of the sites mentioned below. However a general search for phrases like copywriting skills, or books on copywriting or copywriting courses will also produce some up to date and valuable resources.

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