Conversion Optimization Tools

Put bluntly, a website that doesn’t convert is a website that doesn’t do anything. Here’s another way of looking at things.

Traffic is vanity. Conversions are sanity.

So how can you make your website convert well?

One thing you should have done is to select your website designer on the basis of their track record in crafting websites that do convert. In fact one of the best questions you can ask when selecting a website designer is what the conversion rates of their sites typically are. If they don’t know then don’t use them. If they don’t know what conversion means, run a mile and do it fast.

However, most businesses already have a website and so new technologies have been developed to help web master improve their conversion rates. Nearly all such technologies rely on split testing and then analyse the outcome using statistical techniques to determine which version of a website performs best.

It’s impossible to list all the available website optimisation tools available but here are some of the key ones currently available at the moment. Follow this link for a more comprehensive list of conversion optimisation and other internet marketing tools.