Autoresponder Demo

The easiest way to see how an autoresponder works is to see one in action. To do this, just sign up to the QR Code Marketing newsletter here.

The majority of businesses totally fail to understand the importance of autoresponders as automatic tools that let them market steadily to their potential customers. When used properly, they can drive up customer engagement and boost sales conversion rates significantly. Just as importantly they can be used to raise cash quickly by helping you run special sales promotions, something that is ideal if you find yourself with too much stock and not enough liquidity.

Professional autoresponders handle all the essential processes of double opt-in subscriptions, one-click unsubscribes and letting subscribers update their contact details automatically leaving you free to get on with running your business.

Marketers generally cites statistics along the lines of you need 7 contacts with a customer before they buy and clearly this is far too broad a generalisation but the more significant point is that you normally do need to make multiple contacts to make a sale. If you rely on following up on your sales leads manually, not only are you going to spend a lot of time doing that, you may catch sales prospects at a time when they are busy on some other matter and so. An autoresponder contacts your prospects via email which means they are free to read your message when it is convenient to them.