Thanks for scanning the QR Code in my ad

What has just happened from a marketing perspective?

By scanning the QR Code you have moved from being a casual reader of many ads and promotions to someone who has become actively engaged in learning more about QR Codes and marketing

You may also have moved from an offline relationship with my business to an online relationship. This is a key step. Everything is online these days.

Importantly, it’s where your customers expect to interact with your business.

Hey, look out

My marketing message is now occupying space on your mobile phone, rent free!

There is a page on your mobile phone about my book and you are reading it. Right now. You gave me permission to put it there when you scanned the QR Code. It happened fast and you weren’t particularly resistant to the process.

This page will remain on your device unless you delete it. So you will be carrying it with you pretty much wherever you go for a while. It’s my ad. It’s interactive and it’s got your attention.

Think about this. It’s precisely what you need your ads to do too.

So you’re experiencing a very simple demonstration of just one way in which QR Codes can be used in businesses. There are thousands of other applications for QR Codes in marketing and businesses that are exploiting them intelligently are cleaning up.

The Definitive Guide To QR Code Marketing sets out clearly how to exploit QR Codes in your business whether you are in

  • E-commerce, or
  • Lead generation – including taking bookings online and getting phone calls

and whether you are selling

  • Physical goods, or
  • Services

It also shows you how to use QR Codes to improve your Customer Support functions whilst lowering their cost.

It’s for businesses of all sizes from one-man bands up to multi-nationals.

It includes working examples that not only add value to the content of the book itself but also act as triggers for creative ideas you can use in your own business.

I could set out a long list of benefits you will get from my book but I expect your time is short right now so here are some more general marketing things to think about instead:

  • Where was my competition in the process you’ve just gone through?

    By scanning the QR Code your attention has been taken away from everything else and you are concentrating only on my book now. QR Codes, used smartly, can totally defeat the distractions we all face and they can also keep your competition well clear of your marketing activities. This gives your business an unfair advantage.
  • How much do you think your scan actually cost me just now?

    Obviously absolutely nothing. But it has delivered value to my business. You are now potentially a warmish sales prospect whereas only a few moments ago, you were definitely not. There is a scientific method of calculating the value of a QR Code scan and it is surprisingly high. I show you how to do this calculation for your own business, whatever market you are in.
  • The page you are reading is being optimisedagain think about this from a marketing perspective.

    Websites are fantastically good at producing raw, actionable marketing data that can be used to improve results. Linking QR Code marketing campaigns to optimised web pages drives up profitability.

    In this instance I am measuring and optimising which version of this web page generates the greatest interest in order to optimise the outcome. Other scanners may be seeing a different version to the one you are reading…

    I show you how to do this in the book.

    You can optimise many parts of your QR Code campaigns easily including
    • getting the scan itself – I’ll show you how
    • how people behave once they are on your website
    • how many become buyers or sales leads
  • QR Codes can help you improve your Customer Support AND reduce your Customer Support costs.

    Marketing is not just about generating sales. Improved customer support makes your business more competitive. Reduced CS costs improve your profitability. QR Codes can help substantially in both these areas. Get the details in the book.

    Don’t forget that any savings you make on customer support go straight to the bottom line of your business. If you are a one-man band, you can save time too.

QR Codes are free to use, easy to set up and scanners are everywhere – all smartphones. But this was just not true when they were first introduced back in 1994 so they didn’t take off then.

But it is 100% true now.

Learn how to exploit QR Codes properly now. Before your competitors get going…

What next?

Buy the book. Learn how to exploit QR Codes effectively in your business and get a competitive advantage.