The Definitive Guide To QR Code Marketing

If you haven’t thought much about using QR Codes in your business, here are a few facts to consider.

First though, scan this code if you are on a desktop or click if you are on a mobile.

  • QR Codes drive potential customers who are offline into an online relationship with your business. Once online, you can engage fully with them by using internet marketing techniques that drive up your sales.
  • Offline ads can’t take orders. Websites can. This is HUGE - QR Codes let you convert offline ad readers into buyers. Automatically.
  • QR Codes can be tracked - see which campaigns are generating responses and which are not.
  • QR Codes can be measured - get accurate, reliable, automatically recorded data about advertising response rates. Result: less waste, less uncertainty, more spending confidence.
  • QR Code marketing campaigns can be optimised - boosting your profitability over time
  • QR Code scanners are everywhere - any smartphone - and there are over 2.3 billion smartphones in use
  • Once someone has scanned your QR Code you have captured their attention - and kept them away from your competition completely.

Where to use QR Codes in your business

You can use QR Codes in many more places than you might think. Here, for example, are some places where you can exploit them successfully.

On physical items

You can use QR Codes on physical items such as products, reports, stationery (including invoices, proposals and business cards) and, of course, in printed ads.

You can also use them on promotional items like branded mugs, calendars, mousemats, packaging etc.

QR Codes let you send scanners to whichever page on your site is most relevant. By crafting your pages well, you can generate more sales, reduce your customer support costs or even automate your marketing using low-cost but highly effective marketing technology such as autoresponders and chatbots.

An important step here is to make sure the page your scanners get to is appropriately targeted. For example, I have a landing page that is dedicated to people who scan the QR code I use as part of my email signature. (And there's a good reason to use a QR Code in your signature too - even if at first sight it seems a curious thing to do!)

In my book explain how there are four different types of scanners and how you can use this information to design web pages to target these different types effectively. I also show you how to use the latest online marketing technologies to convert these scanners into buyers and sales leads.

In White Papers and Special Reports

If you publish Special Reports, White Papers, Infographics or other documents you wish to distribute widely, you can use QR Code to go viral. I show you how to do this in my book.

You can get your readers to act as personal marketing agents, free of charge. 

Once a scanner has scanned your code, their attention shifts from their email to your web page on their phone.

From a marketing perspective this is a very valuable step: you have their undivided attention.  Furthermore, your competition at that point is nowhere to be seen and your mobile web page is likely to stay on their mobile for some time.

There's a lot more to this than meets the eye and I can't go into it all here so let's briefly look at other places you can use QR Codes.

On web pages

If you place a QR Code on your web pages you make it really easy to do two things and both are valuable from a marketing perspective.

  • You make it easy to share the page with a colleague, friend or client - they just scan the QR Code
  • You make it easy for people reading your page on a desktop to copy it to their mobile - without having to do any typing

There's an example you can test on this web page - see below.

The Definitive Guide To QR Code Marketing

Contents in detail

  • The 12 reasons why moving your customers online with QR Codes can help drive up profitability - fast
  • Where to get your QR Codes made
  • How to track outcomes. Free
  • How to optimise sales using a statistically robust but easy to use system
  • How to set up an automatic sales engine that works with your QR Codes (I’m talking about automated marketing systems that toil away, 24/7, 365 days of the year selling for you that cost a few pounds a month)
  • Pitfalls to avoid - including four that many businesses make over and over again. Don't do a HEINZ!
  • QR Code Marketing Case studies with analysis and commentary
  • 6 overlooked places you can - and should - use QR Codes that will cost you next to nothing to implement. Some are so easy to set up you could start using them today
  • How to use QR Codes to get your customers coming back for more of whatever you sell - for no cost
  • How to use QR Codes to test your offline advertising and optimise results
  • How to calculate the value of a QR Code scan - it’s almost certainly a lot higher than you think

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You'll learn how to create, use, track and optimise your QR Code Marketing campaigns. You'll also discover novel QR Code tactics, including Viral Marketing techniques and will get great ideas to use in your own business.

Strike while the iron is hot

From a marketing perspective, the best time to pitch to a sales prospect is at the precise time they express an interest in what you sell. QR Codes let you do that. I'll show you how in the book.

About the Author

I’ve been an internet marketing consultant for 21 years. I wrote the first book on Google’s AdSense system, part of the highly successful Google Ads program. I also wrote and published an online internet marketing newsletter that had over 25,000 subscribers.

I currently run a specialist digital marketing agency that provides support to small and medium sized businesses operating in the UK and internationally.

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